We provide help with buying overseas properties where you can live and earn stable income

Selecting the region

We provide detailed information on the countries that we work with: about living there, obtaining a work permit, residency, taxes, medical care, etc. We analyze the clients' information, their needs and wishes. Based on that, we suggest where they could move to and how. For our analysis we take into account the clients' finances, age, health condition, business experience, knowledge of foreign languages, how long they are planning to live abroad, do they need to obtain residency in that country, and so on.

Selecting and buying properties

After selection of the desired region, we search for a suitable property that would meet the clients' criteria. We conduct legal research on this property, prepare financial analysis, assess a potential return on investment, and develop a business-plan for its commercial use. We organize a pre-sale visit to the property for the clients. We control the entire process and make sure that only professional and reliable specialists are recruited when needed.

Developing hotel businesses

As an additional service to our clients who bought an overseas property, we prepare a detailed plan for organizing and developing a hospitality and recreational business at this property. We design a strategy for developing the business and attracting customers; we help choosing a new concept and targeting a specific category of potential clients. This includes preparing a new interior and exterior design, making necessary repairs, recruiting and teaching personnel.

We help conclude contracts with local companies and specialists who provide the tourist and recreational services, so that you can offer a wider range of services to your guests and, therefore, attract more clients.

Helping with all other relevant needs

As you are re-locating to another country, we can help with all other issues involved in this process, such as: obtaining residency permits, obtaining permits for working and doing business, accessing local health care programs, connecting to utility services, obtaining licenses and permits for running a hotel business, recruiting personnel, etc.