We help select a region, find a property, and arrange a purchase transaction
Who should use our services?

We offer our help to those who are looking for a comfortable place to live abroad, and/or receive a stable income. This usually includes businessmen and freelancers who can work remotely; retirees or those who have started preparing for retirement; or any other business-minded persons who want to try themselves in the hospitality and recreational business.

A big part of our potential clientele consists of people who are looking for good investment opportunities in buying overseas properties, which they can also use for a vacation.

How to start

If you are interested in buying real estate abroad, particularly, the properties that can be used for hotel business, start with contacting us. Tell us what you are looking for, what your needs and plans are in regards to purchasing such a property. Based on provided information, we will be able to suggest the regions that would best fit your requirements, explain how we can help you, and what the next steps are. All preliminary consultations and work that we do for you are free.

What information we will need from you

    • The purpose of buying an overseas property, your plans for the use of such property;
    • Your current status and further plans in terms of moving abroad;
    • Your requirements for selecting a region, or if you already have something in mind, let us know;
    • Tell us if you have any experience of working in hospitality business, or any business experience at all;
    • What budget do you plan to spend on purchasing an overseas property?
    If you already have a pretty good idea where you want to buy and what type of property your are looking for, just describe this to us and let us know what your intended budget is.