We help attract investors and develop your business
Developing your business

We help design a new concept for the hotel and recreational complexes, including organizing theme-oriented centers, expanding the range of services, re-focusing the property to serving different groups of guests, changing a business model. We suggest architectural and design solutions for improving the property in accordance with the general plan of its development. We prepare a business strategy and a detailed business-plan for implementation of the project, including giving recommendations on attracting outside investors.

We provide assistance with attracting new investors, conducting negotiations on selling the business' shares to them, and determining the ways of participating these investors in the ownership of the property. We help with arranging the required legal documents and obtaining permits.

Selling shares in your business

We help find the outside investors who would be interested in business partnership and/or co-ownership of the property that is used for this business. We prepare the transfer of business' shares; help determine the form of participation of investors in the ownership of the property. We design all presentation materials, search for potential investors and negotiate the terms for buying out your business' shares.

Collecting a team of investors for a project

We find investors who are willing to collaborate with other investors for buying a property that will be used for a business project. This would involve either constructing new facilities or renovating the existing property for organizing a hospitality and recreational business.

We prepare investment projects including working out a general concept and designing a detailed business plan, preparing an architectural draft, and selecting suitable properties for these projects. We help buying such properties and overview the projects' implementation.