We provide help with buying overseas properties where you can live-in and/or use it for earning a stable income
Selecting the Region

Based on your needs and plans, we will help you select the most suitable region for your overseas purchase. We will prepare for you a detailed report about the region, which will include information about the prices for real estate and the types of available properties, as well as about the purchase process and expenses, local rules and requirements for foreign ownership, taxes, cost of living, safety, medical care, how to obtain a residency, and so on.

Finding a Property and Assisting with the Purchase

After selecting the desired region, we will search for a suitable property according to your selection criteria. When such property is found, we will prepare for you a financial analysis, assessing the associated costs and revenue, and calculating the potential return on investment. Additionally, we can develop a business-plan for the most optimal commercial use of the acquired real estate, providing suggestions on how you can maximize your profit.

We will help you with the entire purchase process, taking care of protecting you (as much as possible) from the risks involved in buying property in a foreign country. We will make sure that only professional and reliable local specialists are recruited. We will assist with arranging secure money transfers if needed. We will provide support and guidance at every step and help you with any problem that might arise.

Helping You Establish an Accommodation Business

When you buy a property for commercial use, we can prepare a detailed plan for establishing a hospitality and recreational business based on this property. We can design for you a strategy for further development of this business and how to attract more customers; we will help you with choosing a new concept and targeting a specific category of potential clients. Our services will also include preparing a new interior and exterior design, helping with necessary repairs, recruiting and teaching personnel.

We can help with arranging a collaboration with local companies and specialists who provide the tourist and recreational services, so that you can offer a wider range of services to your guests and, therefore, attract more clients. We will provide assistance with all steps required for making your business most successful and profitable.

Helping With Settling in a New Country

As you are re-locating to another country, we can help with all other issues involved in this process, such as: obtaining residency permits, obtaining permits for working and doing business, accessing local health care programs, connecting to utility services, obtaining licenses and permits for running a hotel business, recruiting personnel, etc.