We help prepare property for sale, promote it worldwide, and find foreign buyers
Cooperation with property owners

Our company specializes in buying and selling properties that can be used for hotel business, provision of recreational services, and as hobby farms. We offer the owners our assistance in promoting your properties to foreign buyers.

Please note that we market our clients' properties through our own media channels and only outside of the region where the property is located. Why is this important? Because the information about your business being for sale (which is usually bad for business) will not be advertised to the local crowd. When you work with us, you won't be exposed to your competition and your neighbors, as we will not advertise the sale of your property on the local real estate market.

How to work with us

Cooperation with us is easy and straightforward.
First, you should keep in mind that we do not act as your exclusive agent. You are free to look for buyers on your own or use services of a local real estate agent. Consider us as an advertising and marketing company that you hire to help you find buyers for your property. We do not participate in arranging the Purchase and Sale transaction. This is done by professionals like real estate lawyers and agents.

Second, we carry all expenses for preparing advertising materials, conducting advertising campaigns, preparing the development and improvement plans for your property, as well as all other expenses related to promoting your property.

There are no any advanced payments. You pay for our services only after the property is sold. All you have to do is providing to us information about your property, including description of the property and the business. To make it easier for you, we will provide a detailed questionnaire in reply to your request.

Cooperation with agents

We offer cooperation to local agents who represent the properties suitable for hotel business and who are interested in promoting these properties to foreign buyers. Please contact us to discuss the prospects of sale of your clients' properties to foreign investors and the terms of our cooperation.