Overseas residential properties to live in / rent out


We help select and buy residential apartments for investment and renting out. The owner can live in it permanently or use it occasionally, renting it out for the rest of the time. You can buy several apartments at one place and run a hospitality business based on these properties.

We can also help select construction projects from builders that would be most attractive in terms of investment.

Villas and Houses

We select villas and houses in popular vacation regions that can be operated as Bed & Breakfasts. This type of accommodation is very popular in tourist zones. Such properties are most suitable for those who want to have a place for living and a source of income at the same time. You can rent out extra rooms in the house and provide breakfasts to your guests.

We can help find a specific theme for your Bed & Breakfast to make it more interesting and to offer a wider selection of services. We help develop a new concept along with a package of additional services, and market it to the targeted group of potential clients.

In case you want the whole villa for yourself while you live in it, you can rent it out during other time, when you are not using it.


We offer a complete range of services, including selecting a region, helping find the suitable property, arranging the purchase transaction, assisting with establishing and developing the hospitality and recreational business.

We provide our services in stages, based on the clients' needs and plans. All preliminary consultations and work with clients, before signing a contract, are free.